Pop Star Emin teams up with AustralianSinger/Songwriter Charly Williams to release debut  single “Woman”.

It’s been such an incredible journey working with Charly, and people say we’ve created something really special with Woman



Melbourne singer/songwriter, Charly Williams is on the precipice of realising a brilliant musical career.

“It’s been a long road and I’m match ready!” he announces as if issuing a fight club challenge. This is a departure from an otherwise cool, laid back artist, whose natural inclination is to let his music speak for him. The ‘long road’ he’s referring to is a four year stint under the guidance of, and in collaboration with, established Melbourne producers,  George Papapetros & Chris Apostolidis. The ARIA award winning duo are seasoned professionals. Williams compares this experience with having served an apprenticeship: refining his skills as an artist, a performer and a recording artist.

Williams is interested in the long haul. Growing up in Melbourne, it was natural to hear his parents harmonising traditional Samoan song as if connecting to a heritage and cultural speak shared within family. Despite this, a love of boxing convinced him that he would follow his father into the ring. Ironically, both music and boxing share similar qualities, making the long-term transition to songwriter and performer not all that unusual. “Boxing is like dancing”, he says: “you need rhythm and a story – otherwise you’re just punching in the dark.”

In fact, by his own admission, Williams is influenced by an eclectic range of musical styles and artists – George Harrison, Freddie Mercury, Pink, Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Lana Del Ray. Their distinction as artists’ is their ability to convey meaning rather than just words. Williams’ soon to be released album, titled ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ , explores the moments in life that resonate on a human level – truth, love, sorrow and joy. He punctuates this point by adding: “I truly feel we are in this life together and are all searching for the same things”. In Williams’ case, he uses pop, soul and R&B, laced with the harmonies of familial tradition to breathe life into his music. As a artist, Williams is a stylish performer: moving effortlessly from cruisy and intoxicating, to polished pop performer.

Light Up The Sky

“I enjoyed every second I spent in Greece, from Thessaloniki to Athens, every inch of this amazing place I soaked up the energy and it will never leave my spirit “

Charly Williams